With the advent of another year, the graphic design trends are changing at lightning speed. Let’s see which motion graphic design trends are the new additions of this recent 2020 world. Let’s keep reading on.

20 Popular Motion Graphic Design Trends of 2020

1. 3D Trend
3D is one of the foremost trends that come first in this list. If you want to learn 3D trend, you can pursue a course from our animation institute in Kolkata.

2. Merge 2D &3D
Combining 2D &3D is gaining momentum in 2020. And the integration of both can be noticed in digital ads and other popular designs.

3. Kinetic Typography
Kinetic typography is everything about stretching, distorting letters, twisting, and people just love this design. At Arena Animation Shyambazar, we teach you the same.

4. Broken Text
Designers now play around with some fragmented texts for creating poetic meaning to videos. And one of them is broken text.

5. Sophisticated VFX
Adding critical visual effects to videos is catching audiences’ attention, And sophisticated VFX play a fundamental role here. You can learn the same at Arena Shyambazar.

6. Animated Logos
If you want a career in animation, there’s no denying the significance of learning animated logos. It works amazingly in attending audiences’ attention.

7. Seamless Transitions
Designers now use sleek technologies & bring down the cuts to offer a natural touch, and this is where seamless transitions become important.

8. Thin Lines
As an animation institute, we know how significant it is to learn the best retro motion graphics for 2020. And this is why thin lines design is important.

9. Grain
The grain is like a filter that helps in adding life to the dull visuals. It’s a spellbinding way of inserting the texture to the vector imagery.

10. Retro Motion Graphics
The retro design trend’s comeback has made the designing world go gaga over it. Designers now use it in order to make videos refreshingly nostalgic.

11. Morphing
Morphing is a concept used in images, logos, and other things in videos. And it is now garnering prominence with more appeal. It is one of the top graphic design trends of 2020.

12. Web & Apps Motion Graphics
Viewers only get engaged with attractive sites or apps. And the implementation of motion graphics templates is going typical for the purpose of retaining visitors.

13. Liquid Motion
Designers add fluid motionsfor making videos more creative. And they replace the clean transitions to more splashy shifts. This is where liquid motion comes into the forefront.

14. Isometric design
The isometric design represents 3D elements on the 2D screen. The design is successful as it brings attention to valuable objects. You also need to learn 2D animation for the purpose.

15. Huge &Bold Typography
The bold and large fonts get used in a multitude of motion graphics videos as it helps in communicating messages with additional emphasis.

16. Digital-surrealism
Digital-surrealism is adding spectacular visuals that are simultaneously familiar. If you think of a career in graphic design, you should learn this trend.

17. Gradients
Gradients are also known as color transitions,and it’s becoming trendier day by day.

18. Fantasy
Futuristic and fictional concepts are popular in motion graphics. You can learn this trend through our animation courses in Kolkata.

19. Virtual Reality
VR videos are gaining momentum as designers focus on the superior quality and surreal effects in videos.

20. New Minimalism
Last but not the least; new minimalism is the final trend. It’s an advanced form of minimalism, indicating those stripped down formats and texts.

So, these are some of the top design trends that the current designing world of 2020 has embraced.
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