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Graphic designing is one of the most booming career option in recent times. From renowned media houses to entertainment, the use of graphics is indispensable. Our graphic design courses in Kolkata is completely career driven and facilitates you to provide the right stepping stone.

Today, the entire world of visual communication is heavily dependent on graphics. Eventually there remains a high demand for expert graphic designers to cater to the need of the industry. By enrolling yourself to our graphic design institute in Kolkata, you eventually choose the right option to develop your skills and expertise. Reach us today to know more.

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At Arena Shyambazar, our graphic design institute in Kolkata guides you through the right path of success. If you have the creative spark in you, our institute gives the right platform you deserve to shape your ideas.

With us, you can learn and acquire the needful skills which are essential to cater to the industry out there. Walk-in to our institute today, and find your ultimate destination to a robust career ahead.

What are the Scopes of Our Graphic Design Courses in Kolkata?

Our graphic design courses in Kolkata forms a robust stepping stone which facilitates you to look forward to a brilliant career ahead. Some noted scopes include:

Film & Television: Today, the entertainment industry relies heavily on graphics. And to cater to the need of such a dynamic and diverse industry, there remains a sheer demand for expert graphic artists. With the help of our graphic design courses in Kolkata, your gateway to the film & television industry opens right away.

Advertisement:  The advertisement sector is another important arena, where graphics are used abundantly. It is all about the visual communication which intrigues the target audience to take a buying decision. Being an expert graphic designer, you can look for a career in advertising sector as well.

Web Designing: Another important aspect of our graphic design courses in Kolkata, renders you a scope in web designing as well. Development of brilliant user-friendly websites, need the use of graphics to create an essential impact on the target audience. And being an expert graphic designer, you can easily find a robust career in this specific sector.

Print Media: As a graphic designer, you can also find a career in the sector of print media as well. With the help of our print graphic design courses in Kolkata, you can sharpen your skills and turn out as an expert graphic designer, to cater to the requirement of the print media as well.

By choosing a career in graphic designing, you eventually choose a pathway leading to a diverse career ahead. Enrol yourself to our graphic design courses in Kolkata.

Why Choose Arena Shyambazar?

Choosing the right graphic design training institute in Kolkata is not a matter of child’s play. In fact, it is extremely crucial to check beforehand, whether it covers all the important aspects of a credible institute or not.

Our graphic design courses in Kolkata are completely career driven and includes all the needful component as per the latest requirements of the industry. Also our institute bears all the needful training and facilities for the candidates for a comprehensive & compact learning procedure.

Some key reasons to choose our institute includes:

  • Conveniently Located: Our graphic design institute in Kolkata is located at a pioneer point in North Kolkata. The institute is situated in the Metro connected routs, and happens to be a short walking distance from ‘Shyambazar’ Metro Station.
  • Multiple Slots: Our graphic design training in Kolkata, is available at multiple slots and timings. You can choose your slot, as per your need and requirement, which fits to your schedule.
  • Excellent Faculties: We are backed with a panel of robust faculty members who takes immense care to train the candidates. The faculties are experienced for years in the relevant sector, and facilitate the candidates to develop interest on the subject from the very first day.
  • Practical Sessions: Apart from the theoretical sessions, our graphic design courses in Kolkata, also includes hands on practical sessions. This eventually helps you to hone up the skills and bridge the gap between theoretical knowledge & its practical applications.
  • Live Workshops: We always encourage our students to learn from live applications. And that is the reason, we often conduct live workshops in our institute. This eventually facilitates the candidate to learn more quickly, and get the practical exposure even before joining a workplace.
  • Credible Record: Our alumnus students are now working at reputed organizations with flying colours. So, enrolling yourself to our graphic design courses in Kolkata, always keeps you ahead in career. A plethora of opportunities await just around the corner, once you successfully complete the curriculum.
  • Global Acceptance: Our graphic design certificate course in Kolkata is accepted globally. So, if you are planning to settle your career beyond the national borders, our course can again be the right choice for you.
  • Special Slot for Working Professionals: Our graphic design courses in Kolkata, bears special slots for working professionals which do not collide with the regular working hours. Your much awaited hike or promotion is just round the corner, with our curriculum.

We at Arena Shyambazar, indeed stand as the best institute for graphic designing in Kolkata. With a pioneer record of service, we are time tested and achieved the acclaim of pioneer and esteemed graphic design institute.

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